Machine Learning Research Lab, Volkswagen Group

The front view of the lab building

Established in 2016, Volkswagen Group Machine Learning Research Lab, located in Munich, was set up as a fundamental research lab on topics close to what we think artificial intelligence is about: machine learning and probabilistic inference, efficient exploration, and optimal control.

Our research topics are championed by lab members. We form agile groups on the spur to pursue new topics and solidify promising avenues of research.

It’s really a no-brainer why a large company is interested in these methodologies. But why fundamental research? There is a plethora of reasons, but one key message is: artificial intelligence, in its early 21st century interpretation, is only just beginning. While there are already many successful small applications of the related methodologies—in particular, applications based on supervised learning—we all realise that computer “intelligence” is still far ahead.

The complexity of the topics involved makes us realise that a single lab can hardly bring the trophy home by itself. Therefore we actively pursue an open-source approach, giving you access to all scientific and implementational issues of our work.

This blog is our instrument to inform you about our research, and give background information around scientific papers, open-sourced software, and demonstrations.